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3 pages
History of the International Ocean Network
Romanowicz, B.A., and K.Suyehiro

2 pages
International Ocean Network (ION) Charter
Romanowicz, B.A.

1 pages
Table: available sea going vessels
Suyehiro, K.

4 pages
Minutes of the I.O.N. Meeting of January 23, 2001
Montagner, J.P.

Solid earth instrumentation:

17 pages
The Ocean Hemisphere Network Project (OHP)
Fukao, Y., Y.Morita, M.Shinohara, T.Kanazawa, H.Utada, H.Toh, T.Kato, T.Sato, H.Shiobara, N.Seama, H.Fujimoto, and N.Takeuchi

5 pages
Dynamics of Earth and Ocean Systems (DEOS)
Orcutt, J.A., and R.S.Detrick

6 pages
DEOS moored buoy observatory design study
Detrick, R., D.Frye, J.Collins, J.Gobat, M.Grosenbaugh, R.Petitt, A.Plueddeman, K.von der Heydt, F.B.Wooding, J.Orcutt, J.Berger, R.Harriss, F.Vernon, J.Halkyard, and E.Horton

8 pages
NEPTUNE --- real-time, long-term ocean and Earth studies at the scale of a tectonic plate
Delaney J., A.Chave, G.R.Heath, B.Howe, and P.Beauchamp

8 pages
B-DEOS Plans for establishment of long-term mobile interdisciplinary ocean observatory systems in the N and S Atlantic
Schultz, A., R.Lampitt, C.Peirce, and E.Boyle

5 pages
Network seismographs: GEOFON real-time data disribution
Hanka, W., A.Heinloo, and K.-H.Jaeckel

4 pages
The Nankai Trough tectonic compilation map project --- an example of using the Frontier Database system ---
Kido, Y.

5 pages
Multidisciplinary observatory development in Monterey Bay
Stakes, D., P.McGill, K.Johnson, H.Jannasch, B.Romanowicz, D.Neuhauser, and C.Geoff Wheat

5 pages
GEODIS (GEOphysical DIving Saucer): A portable ocean bottom broadband seismic station
Beguery, L., J.P.Montagner, J.F.Karczewski, S.Cacho, J.C.Koenig, J.Savary, E.Stutzmann, P.Lognonne, and G.Roult

6 pages
GEOSTAR deep sea mission
Favali, P., and G.Smriglio

4 pages
The time dependence of ambient noise beneath the deep sea floor
Stephen, R.A., S.T.Bolmer, J.A.Collins, K.R.Peal, J.A.Hildebrand, J.A.Orcutt, F.N.Spiess, and F.L.Vernon

Cable observatories:

5 pages
Installation of the multi-disciplinary VENUS observatory at the Ryukyu Trench using Guam-Okinawa geophysical submarine cable
Kasahara, J., K.Kawaguchi, R.Iwase, and Y.Shirasaki

5 pages
Studies of water transport variability using submarine cable voltage measurements in the Sea of Japan
Palshin, N.A., L.L.Vanyan, R.D.Medzhitov, M.A.Evdoshenko, and H.Utada

4 pages
Temporal and spatial variation of the conversion factor from the motion-induced voltage to the transport
Rikiishi, K., H.Matsuda, and M.Michigami

4 pages
Monitoring the ocean current in the Tsushima and the Tokara Straits by using submarine cables
Hashimoto, Y., A.Tashiro, T.Shinozaki, H.Ishii, and K.Kawatake

7 pages
Long-term observations of ocean circulation with cable as sensors
Flosadottir, A.H.

Coastal and biology:

6 pages
The Marthaes Vineyard Coastal Observatory
Edson, J., T.Austin, W.McGillis, M.Purcell, R.Petitt, J.Ware, M.McElroy, S.Hurst, and C.Grant

4 pages
Long term observations in benthic communities of tropical seas: An interdisciplinary approach in the IAS initiative
Escobar-Briones, E.G.

3 pages
The link between upper ocean biogeochemistry and the deep ocean: An example from a ten year time series in the Northeast Atlantic
Lampitt, R.S.

6 pages
Adaptations of hydrothermal vent organisms to their environment
Gaill, F., M.Zbinden, F.Pradillon, J.Ravaux, and B.Shillito

Solid earth science:

4 pages
Continuous excitation of Earth's free oscillations
Kobayashi, N., K.Nishida, and Y.Fukao

6 pages
Theory and observation of acoustic coupling between the solid Earth and its atmosphere
Artru, J., P.Lognonne, E.Blane, and T.Farges

5 pages
Numerical simulations of mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal circulation including the phase separation of seawater
Kawada, Y., S.Yoshida, S.-I.Watanabe

4 pages
Calculation of normal modes for Earth model with slight rigidity in the liquid outer core
Tsuboi, S., and M.Saito

4 pages
Linear response of the outer core flow to thermal heterogeneities on the core-mantle boundary
Yoshida, S.

7 pages
Core properties from superconducting gravimeter data
Smylie, D.E., O.Francis, and G.Henderson

5 pages
3D structure of the lowermost mantle: implications for core sensitive body wave data
Romanowicz, B., L.Breger, H.Tkalcic, and C.Megnin

6 pages
Probing mid-mantle heterogeneity using PKP coda waves
Hedlin, M.A.H., and P.M.Shearer

6 pages
Variables in thickness of the upper mantle transition zone
Gu, Y.J., and A.M.Dziewonski

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