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Publications 1997
Iidaka, T., and K. Obara, Seismological evidence for the existence of anisotropic zone in the metastable wedge inside the subducting Izu-Bonin slab , Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 3305-3308, 1997.
鍵山恒臣・歌田久司・上嶋 誠・増谷文雄・神田 径・田中良和・増田秀晴・村上英記・塩崎一郎・市来雅啓・行武 毅・茂木 透・網田和宏・大志万直人・三品正明, 霧島火山群南東部の比抵抗構造, 火山, 41, 215-225, 1997.
鍵山恒臣・歌田久司・三ヶ田均・筒井智樹・増谷文雄, 霧島火山群の構造とマグマ供給系, 火山, 42, S157-S165, 1997.
Kinoshita, M., and M. Yamano, Hydrothermal regime and constraints on reservoir depth of the Jade site in the Mid-Okinawa Trough inferred from heat flow measurements, J. Geophys. Res., 102, 3183-3194, 1997.
Kobayashi, S., and Y. Fukao, Fluid mechanical effects of gravitational differentiation of immiscible two phases -Structure, self-sustainment and non-linearity- , Bull. Volcano. Soc. J., 42, s, s281-s292, 1997.
Kuwahara, Y., H. Ito, H. Kawakatsu, T. Ohminato, and T. Kiguchi, Crustal heterogeneity as inferred from seismic coda wave decomposition by small-aperture array observation, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 104, 247-256, 1997.
Obayashi, M., and Y. Fukao, P and PcP travel time tomography for the core-mantle boundary, J. Geophys. Res., 102, 17825-17841, 1997.
Nawa, K., Y. Fukao, R. Shichi, and Y. Murat, Inversion of gravity data for the terrain density distribution in southwest Japan, J. Geophys. Res., 102, 27703-27719, 1997.
中尾茂・森田裕一・平田安広, GPS による多点高密度地殻変動観測実現の可能性, 測地学会誌, 43, 227-230, 1997.
Niu, F. L., and H. Kawakatsu, Depth variation of the mid-mantle seismic discontinuity, Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 429-432, 1997.
Palshin, N. A., L. L. Vanyan, V. A. Kuznetsov, R. D. Medzhitov, V. M. Nikiforov, H. Utada, and H. Shimizu, Voltage Measurements with the Cable Crossing the Sea of Japan from Nakhodka to Naoetsu, Acta Oceanographica Taiwanica, 36, 11-24, 1997.
Shimizu, H., and D. E. Loper, Time and length scales of buoyancy-driven flow structures in a rotating hydromagnetic fluid, Phys. Earth Planet. Inter., 104, 307-329, 1997.
Shimoizumi, M., T. Mogi, M. Nakada, T. Yukutake, S. Handa, Y. Tanaka, and H. Utada, Electrical conductivity anomalies beneath the western sea of Kyushu, Japan, Geophys. Res. Lett., 24, 1551-1554, 1997.
Tsuruga, K., K. Yomogida, S. Honda, H. Ito, T. Ohminato, and H. Kawakatsu, Spatial and temporal variations of volcanic earthquakes at Sakurajima volcano, Japan, J. Vol. Geothermal Res., 75, 337-358, 1997.
吉本和生・平田直・飯高隆・関根真弓・篠原雅尚・蔵下英司, 淡路島直下における1995年兵庫県南部地震の余震分布, 地震2, 50, 251-257, 1997.

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