Global Seismology Group


Hitoshi Kawakatsu Professor Earth's Internal Discontinuities, Water Circulation,
Attenuation, Volcano Seismology,
Real-Time Seismology
Shingo Watada Assistant Professor
Gravity Wave Seismology, Free Oscillation,
Earth's Hum
Nozomu Takeuchi Associate Professor Mantle Heterogeneities,
Waveform Tomography, Synthetic Seismograms
Kiwamu Nishida Assistant Professor Earth's Hum, Microseism
Lewis Schardong
Research Fellow
Mantle Heterogeneities
Dun Wang
Research Fellow
Source Proecesses
Akiko Takeo
Plate and Athenosphere, Anisotropy,
Surface Waves and Low Frequency Tremors
Naoto Ogawa

Research Topics

  • Plate
    • Lithosphere-Athenosphere Boundary
    • Plate Motion and Anisotropy
  • Volcano Seismology

Available Resources