Pacific Array Workshop 2021

May 27th 2021 (US) – May 28th 2021 (Asia/Europe)


The Pacific Array Initiative (PArray) was first proposed in 2014 for the international collaboration to cover the Pacific Ocean by the array of arrays with BBOBSs/OBEMs. Since 2018, several experiments have started and other several projects have been funded. In this one-day workshop, we will share the current progress of the PArray with each other and build the community of PArray for the future.

Reference to the Pacific Array:


Program Open on May 10 (PDF)


Oral Session Registration (Closed Already)
From April 1 to April 30
Oral Program Open (Opend)
May 10
Poster Session and Participants Registration (Open Now)
From April 1 to May 21
Asia-US session
Icebreaker, Oral Session and Social Party on Friday morning (May 28) in Asia, Thursday afternoon/night (May 27) in the US
Asia-Europe session
Oral Session and Social Party on Friday afternoon (May 28) in Asia, Friday morning (May 28) in Europe
Recorded version available
From June 1 to June 30


Please register from the google form at

Please register by April 30 for oral presentations, and by May 21 for others.

If you cannot access, please download word file, answer questions and send it to . Please also check PDF version of the registration form for the detail.

Oral Session

The oral session welcomes presentations related to the PArray that will not be presented in other annual meetings, such as about the observation cruise itself, the future observation plan, and the future possibility of new scientific discovery with the whole PArray data. The length of each presentation will be 5-15 minutes, depending on the number of presentations and requests from presenters. We use the Zoom system for the oral session.

Poster Session

Poster sessions will be held during social parties and the icebreaker. These poster sessions welcome both ordinary research presentations and future plans. For the presenters of the poster sessions, we will provide opportunities for short oral presentations during oral sessions.

We use the Spatial Chat system that you can join from web browser without registering, freely move among posters and talk with others nearby. Please check (type your name and join space) to see an example image of poster session. You can scroll and drag the background to zoom in/out and move.

Please click spatialchat.mp4 to see how to use movie (no sound).

Please prepare a landscape poster with large figures and text (fontsize larger than ~20pt for the AGU poster size) and upload it by May 21 from dropbox. If you cannot access it, please send your poster to . For those who agreed, the poster images will be shared to all registered participants from one week before to one month after the workshop.

In case you make slides (like oral sessions) instead of 1-page large poster, we will arrange the slides in tiles.


We will ask all presenters whether they agree to share the record of oral presentations. We will record all presentations, edit according to the no-good list, and share the record with all registered participants for a month. If someone cannot attend the workshop due to timezone difference or fieldwork etc but wants to give a presentation, we also welcome pre-recorded materials.

Maling list

We will add e-mail addresses of all registered participants to the PArray mailing list.


Akiko Takeo (The University of Tokyo), Catherine A. Rychert (The University of Southampton), Joshua Russell (Brown University), Pei-Ying Patty Lin (National Taiwan Normal University), Takehi Isse (The University of Tokyo), YoungHee Kim (Seoul National University), and Zhitu Ma (Tongji University)